In a world of chaos, envy, murder and lust, there is a function of love and order defined here:

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Krishna and the gopis entered the water of River Yamuna just as an elephant enters in the water with his many female companions. They started splashing water at each other and enjoyed this game. After this they came out of the water and began to stroll along the banks of River Yamuna and enjoyed the fragrant breeze blowing there. In this way by singing, dancing and discussing they passed the whole night (Which is still happening since it lasted a night of Brahma, 4.32 million of our years.

The Rasa Lila, Krishna multiplies himself and dances with the Gopi Cowgirls. This metaphore means that God is personal and intimate to everyone.

Rama, the perfect warrior, the perfect King, the slayer of Demons, the most Perfect Man, completely devoted to his wife Sita. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Hare Rama

Lord Krishna attracted their hearts from His very boyhood. He was a very beautiful child. He was beauty incarnate. So the Gopis began to love Krishna from His very birth. They caressed and loved Krishna as they would do their own children. The Gopa girls of Brindavan loved Krishna as their own brother. Is there any sexual love between brother and sister? A sister loves her younger brother. She fondles him and plays with him. Such was the relationship between the Gopis and Krishna.




He who has perfect faith in the Sastras and the existence of God, who is devoted to his Guru, who has controlled his passions and the senses, who is endowed with purity, dispassion, discrimination, who yearns for the Darshan of the Lord and communion with Him, and who lives in the midst of devotees and sages is a proper Adhikari or qualified person to study Rasa Lila. For him alone the mysteries of Rasa Lila and its divine significance and import will be truly revealed, like the Amalaka fruit in the palm of the hand.