Nations, do not copy American Values

I was talking to several jewish friends of mine and I told them to make sure that whenever they make Aliyah they should not take their american values with them. That is what is so disgusting to so many people in the world. Americans have values that are plainly disgusting. They feel pride of everything, white pride, black pride, gay pride. There is no humility whatsoever.

On the other hand Americans tend to think that everything has a price and everything can be bought. The eternal fights they have suing themselves about petty matters is absurd. Another absurd idea is to think that everybody in the world wants to live in their country.

I lived in the US in the 90`s, I found out that friends are just for a moment. Of course in College I made excellent friends but after I started working in Chicago I found it hard to have relationships with people there, I guess that this is because if you don`t belong to a group you can`t be friends.

What strikes me the most is that the American Educational System is constantly producing Psico-Mass-Murderers, it's no news anymore to hear that some wacko shot people in the United States. How can they be so proud of themselves when they hate each other so much? Now it is worse because they are mocking God and there is no morality or spiritual guidance taught to the younger generations. Just perpetual hate.

One thing I hated the most when I lived there was going to those All-You-Can-Eat places and these obese horrible people would eat like Pigs everything they could. And they were as fat as you can imagine. Well, these people think that the water comes from the tap, they have no idea of waterworks.

The American society creates needs that are so superfluos.But the bad part about it is that these ideas are being translated to other countries. There is unnecessary rivalry in the US, always.

Also, the idea of having so many things but live in debt forever is something that other countries have to figure out. Americans are lost because their needs are amazing. This also creates a lot of Envy between people and a hypocritical race to have more.

One thing I find very sad is the Alcohol problem Adult Americans have. And adding to this the addiction to Crystal Meth, which is a Demon Sumonner, I really don't find a way out for them. America is the first consumer of illegal Drugs and they, in their haughtyness dare to blame the producers for their major Domestic problem. Migrants have work there, work that their own do not want to do. And Americans look down on these people and discriminate. I would put in a balance and see how many Hate Groups there are in America, the Bullying, the importance of following fashion,etc.

There are Values that the Media has inscribed in the american mind where you mean nothing if you don't OUT-OWE all of your competition. The idea of being charitable is not ingrained in their minds.

I do however see a Police State rising up in the United States, who knows

More to come...